Beavers are boys and girls aged 6-8 who master new skills, try new things, and have fun. Beavers go on adventures, make friends, help others and make a difference.

Beavers in a group called a “Beaver Colony" where we have our adventures through different games and activities and having fun along the way. The Colony go outside as much as possible, including nature walks and building dens. Beavers may not climb Moon Everest, but there is plenty of adventure on our doorstep!

As a Beaver, you will learn new skills by exploring, playing and doing. These are skills that will make them feel super strong; the main ones are doing the right thing, integrity and taking the lead or initiative. It’s all about having the courage to give things a go.

Beavers always look out for others, helping the local community not just in Selsdon but further afield. The Colony is led by adult volunteers who supervise activities and keep everyone safe. The young people are put into teams called “Lodges" where they work together.

The Beaver Colony is open to all young people, if you have questions about accessibility please speak to us and we can discuss a way forward.

Join the Beavers today and start the adventure!