The Scouts are young people, aged 10.5-14 who master new skills and try new things. All whilst having fun, adventure and making friends. Scouts are also curious about the world around them, help others and make a difference in their community and beyond.

The Scouts gather every week, usually at the Scout Hut at 7:30pm – 9pm on Thursdays, as a group called Troop and take part in activities and challenges. They spend plenty of time outdoors, for example, building dens, going on night hikes and playing wide games. The Scouts learn new skills such as building fires and providing first aid. They may not master the skills – that’s fine – but will grow in confidence. You could let us know if there is a particular skill that you would like to try! Helping others and making an impact is also key to being a Scout. They learn about global issues such as global warming and locally they may help with raising funds for their community.

A group of Scouts is known as a Troop and they are led by the Scout Leader Shane, and the Troop Assistants Alex and Phill. The Scout troop also using a parent Rota to help make outings possible. The Troop is then split into teams called Patrols that are led by Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders, whose job is to take charge of games and welcome new members, among other responsibilities. Our Patrols are Wolf, Raven and Buffalo.

The Troop is open to everyone, so contact us now to see if we have space. If you have questions about accessibility let us know and the leaders will work with you to make sure your young person has the best possible experience.

Start the Scouts adventure and join today!