On a section evening we would normally expect your child to attend in uniform from the waist up. However, for specific activities full or suitable uniform activity-wear may be more suitable. Guidance on the expected uniform for each activity would be provided with details of the proposed event or activity.

Beavers – Turquoise sweatshirt and Group neckerchief

Cub Scouts – Dark green sweatshirt, activity trousers and Group neckerchief

Scouts – Teal green smart shirt, activity trousers and Group neckerchief

The Group neckerchief is Scout Green, with the Group’s badge, the diamond anniversary eagle. These are available from the Group for a small fee, currently £5, and are handed out during the members investiture.

For activity wear there is a choice of optional polo shirts, available in turquoise for Beaver Scouts and green for Cub Scouts and Scouts.

All uniform is available from Hewitts of Croydon or from Scout Store. For your child’s first few meetings we don’t expect uniform to be worn, it should be purchased in time for their investiture. We also hold a limited stock of pre-loved uniform available for a small donation.

Position of Badges and Awards

Beaver Scouts

Cub Scouts